International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous
IDAA (International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous)
Pharmacists in recovery are accepted as full members of IDAA.
An exception was made in 2005 for pharmacists, since all pharmacy schools now require a PharmD.
They grandfathered all Pharmacists who are in recovery and want membership.

Michael Metcalf MD, Executive Director
Ginger Metcalf MS RN, Executive Co-Director (Al-Anon)

          8514 E. Maringo DriveSpokane, WA 99212
          Home: 509-928-4102
          Cell Michael: 509-954-4789
          Cell Ginger: 509-954-4789 

Fax 352-376-0240
Pharmacist Contacts:
Nan D. - nandrx@earthlink.net 
Jim A. - jima90mn@gmail.com

IDAA is a group of approximately 4700 recovering health care professionals of doctorate level
who help one another achieve and maintain sobriety from addictions.

IDAA strongly supports mainstream AA as the basis for everyone's recovery program and that
needs to be first and foremost. We are not terminally unique! However, specific issues do
arise for Healthcare professionals and impaired doctors that are hard to deal with in regular
AA meetings. Many of these issues are explored in the safe environment of the IDAA annual
meetings and in the online listgroups on this website. There are no dues or fees for
membership, just the desire to stay sober and off mood-altering drugs.

                                     MISSION STATEMENT

International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of doctors and their families whose primary purpose to support one another in recovery from alcoholism and other drug addictions.

The IDAA organization provides support and encouragement through:

The study and application of the steps and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.The annual IDAA meeting.Education and ongoing network development within the tradition of anonymity.

IDAA does not provide professional counseling, therapy or treatment.