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State programs assisting pharmacy professionals with substance use disorders

                              JAPhA July 2017 - Kim Edward Light, Karen Goodner, Victoria A. Seaton, Bethany Boyle, Robert Hopkins

Treating the Addicted Pharmacist: Defining the Issue

                             Counselor Magazine 2015 - Lead Author Wallace Cross RPh, MHS, CDAC

Addiction and substance abuse in the pharmacy professions: From discovery to recovery 

                             Author Wallace Cross RPh, MHS, CDAC 2013 - APhA CE has expired but good article

The Impaired Professional: Understanding Addicted Physicians

                            Counselor Magazine 2015 - Author Gregory E Skipper, MD, FASAM

Why Doctors Prescribe Opioids to Known Opioid Abusers

                           New England Journal of Medicine published this article October 2012

Prospects Brighten for Pharmacists in Recovery: New methods help pharmacists confront drug abuse

                           Retail Pharmacy Management published this article

Buprenorphine: The Pharmacist’s View

                           printed in “the fix” article by Jake Nichols PharmD 07/28/16

The Neurobiology of Addiction 

Doctors and Addiction

The Pyramid of Addiction
12 Points for People in Recovery who are considering OTC or Rx 
OTC and Herbal Medications
Self Medication
AAs and Medication: Generalizations Can Be Dangerous
Sponsorship: A Primer
Should Your Sponsor Be A Recovering Pharmacist?
The Truth About Relapse 
A Checklist of Symptoms Leading to Relapse
Relapse Symptom Checklist
A Checklist of Symptoms Leading to Codependent Relapse
Enabling: When you can love someone to death!