Big Book Quiz

1. Name the four horsemen.

      a) Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, and John Wayne

      b) Bill W., Dr. Bob, Dr. William Silkworth, and Dr. E.M. Jellinek

      c) terror, bewilderment, frustration, despair

2. What is the baffling feature of alcoholism?

      a) it affects people of all ages and nationalities

      b) this utter inability to leave it alone, no matter how great the necessity or the wish

      c) we don't have a cure for it

3. What is the `number one' offender?

      a) Resentment

      b) Dishonesty

      c) Self-centeredness

4. Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as what?

      a) intensive work with other alcoholics

      b) attending A.A. meetings

      c) socializing with members of the A.A. fellowship

5. If we are planning to stop drinking, there must be what?

      a) no alcohol in our apartment or homes.

      b) no attendance at social events where alcohol is served.

      c) no reservation of any kind, nor any lurking notion, that someday we will be immune to alcohol.

6. What is the distinction between the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic?

      a) Social drinkers never experience negative consequences from drinking.

      b) If, when you honesty want to, you find you cannot quit entirely, or if when drinking, you have

            little control over the amount you take, you are probably alcoholic.

      c) non-alcoholics never become alcoholics

7. What are the essentials of recovery?

      a) recovery, unity, and service

      b) willingness, honesty, and open mindedness

      c) abstinence, service, and fellowship

8. What do we think is the root of our troubles?

      a) Alcoholism, of course!

      b) Shame above all else!

      c) Selfishness--self-centeredness!

9. The actual or potential alcoholic, with hardly an exception, will be absolutely unable to stop drinking

              on the basis of what?

      a) moral or religious conviction

      b) (s)elf-knowledge

      c) self-will

10. Step 10 advises that we continue to watch for what?

      a) selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, fear

      b) our relapse triggers

      c) a better sponsor or A.A. meeting

11. The alcoholic has a daily reprieve from drinking contingent upon what?

      a) going to meetings

      b) working with others

      c) the maintenance of our spiritual condition

12. What is the central fact of our lives today?

      a) we are not drinking

      b) the absolute certainly that Our Creator has entered into our hearts and lives in a way which is

             indeed miraculous

      c) we are members of Alcoholics Anonymous

13. Each day, somewhere in the world, recovery begins when one alcoholic talks with another alcoholic,

               sharing what?

      a) reading from the Big Book

      b) their working of the 12 Steps

      c) experience, strength and hope





1. c) page 151, paragraph 2, line 9

2. b) page 34, paragraph 2, line 11

3. a) page 64, paragraph 3

4. a) page 89, paragraph 1

5. c) page 33, paragraph 1, line 91

6. b) page 44, paragraph 1, line 4

7. b) page 568, paragraph 3, line 2

8. c) page 62, paragraph 1

9. b) page 39, paragraph 1, line 5

10. a) page 84, paragraph 2, line 9

11. c) page 85, paragraph 1, line 4

12. b) page 25, paragraph 2, line 5

13. c) page xxii, paragraph 4, line 3