LeClair Bissell



International Pharmacists Anonymous Honorary Member # 3
       and a Friend to the Pharmacists Recovery Network
For many years she served on the Faculty of the University of Utah
       School on Alcoholism and other drug dependencies

               May 18, 1928 to August 20, 2008

 Retired Sanibel physician LeClair Bissell, an internationally known and much-published expert on addiction, 
died August. 20. She was 80. An outspoken champion of women's rights, the Democratic Party and more, Bissell's 
professional recognition included the American Society of Addiction Medicine Award in 2000 and the Elizabeth 
Blackwell Award for outstanding contributions to the cause of women and medicine in 1997. Last year, she was
 honored by the Florida Commission on the Status of Women for her life's work.

Steve Mullins, a fellow physician and internist who became friends with her years ago on Sanibel, said he's heard
 from dozens of doctors worldwide who learned of her death "with real sorrow and shock," Mullins wrote in an 
e-mail. "She was an internationally known leader in this field. She was a pioneer for the humane management of 
alcoholism and drug addiction... (and) was deeply loved by many medical personnel whom she helped overcome
 addictions over the years," Mullins wrote. "No one could have been more honest, straightforward, and sincere 
than LeClair."

Darla Letourneau of Sanibel is one of many friends who'll miss Bissell. "She had the most eclectic set of passions 
imaginable," she said. "It was such an eye opener to see someone with so many layers of interests and 

                                                          By AMY BENNETT WILLIAMS • awilliams@news-press.com • August 27, 2008
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                                                                   LeClair Bissell with an injured pelican bound for CROW, 
                                             a wildlife rehabilitation clinic on Sanibel. (special to news-press.com)

                              From A Service Celebrating the Life of Dr LeClair Bissell

        How beautiful and perfect are the animals. How perfect the earth, and the minutest thing upon it!
        What is called good is perfect, and what is called bad is just as perfect, the vegetables and minerals are all perfect,
        and the imponderable fluids perfect; slowly and surely they have passed on to this, and slowly and surely they yet pass on.

~Walt Whitman

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